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Sahel is the new Tas'helat.


Tas'helat generally means facilitation or assistance . In the choice of our company name though, it serves a more specific purpose; as it refers to the faciliation or assistance of road vehicles, this is obviously present in our gas stations and all the services contained within. However, as we have great ambitions and an even greater vision that we want to accomplish, we have embarked on this journey to transform Tas'helat into something else, something that represents our new visions & philosophies; subsequently, Sahel was born.


Sahel is easy; it is the ultimate form of simplicity and convenience. And with the introduction of our new brand, a new generation of stations must follow, one that caters to all your needs.


Need some fuel? Just pass by one of our up-and-coming Sahel stations. Forgot to pick up the groceries, just visit one of our Sahel Marts and get immersed in a world of convenience. Need a coffee to boost your day, simply grab a fresh cup from your local Sahel Mart, or soon to be, your local Sahel Café.


Join us on this great journey of transformation from something great into something even better, and always be on the lookout for a new Sahel station. The new generation is coming.



Delivering convenience